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The gift of giving

Being bought a thoughtful present is wonderful, it can make you feel loved, seen and special. But we constantly here 'it's better to give than to receive'. Is the joy really in the giving? How do you feel about buying presents for others? Is it anxiety inducing? Or a wonderful opportunity to get creative and find the perfect gift?

I've got to say I definitely used to find present buying more than stressful. Worrying about how much I should spend, scheduling in the buying of the thing, and then the concerns around whether they would even like it. But I've began to move on from that now, because I make more gifts than I buy.

I find when someone gets something handmade it can mean so much more to the recipient. I make personalised tote bags, t-shirts, and baby vests for new arrivals, using my Cricut machine. I crochet toys, keyrings and home wear for friends. And I obviously make a lot of polymer clay products for people.

You don't have to be super crafty to give people priceless presents. Here's my top three tips for creating a considered gifting experience to show someone you care:

  1. Experiences can mean more to people and make more lasting memories. You could plan a day trip to the beach, get tickets to a show/gig they'd like, you could make them a special meal with a considered sound track, and name your courses with in-jokes.

  2. Don't be afraid to ask them about what they'd like. Some people love surprises, but a lot of us love knowing what's coming up so we can get excited and enjoy the positive anticipation too.

  3. Think about their current needs, if they are at a certain life stage they might like a subscription or voucher to a meal delivery service. Perishables, much like experiences, can genuinely mean so much to recipients, especially if it's something they really need. Think about your relationship and what you want to achieve, if it is to be considered and helpful, great. If you want to inspire and delight you need a different mindset - what would you like? what would they never buy for themselves?

It's rare that you can fail if you think through why you're giving, how you want them to make them feel and keep a budget in mind (That will help you not get carried away and resent the experience).

I'm always here if you'd like to tell me a bit about the recipient, and have something created especially for them. Just contact me on the contact page, or on @pliersandprosecco on Instagram.

...Right, who's got a birthday coming up?

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